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De Vrij Wins Lawsuit Against Former Agent

A Dutch court has awarded €4.5 million in damages to Netherlands international footballer and Inter Milan centre-back Stefan de Vrij after he sued his former representative Sports Entertainment Group (SEG) for not informing him of their own financial interest in De Vrij’s transfer from Lazio to Inter Milan in 2018. The court found that during the negotiation of the transfer fee and De Vrij’s salary, SEG were negotiating on behalf of both Inter Milan and De Vrij personally. This is known as dual or multiple representation and is common practice in the football industry... for now.   You are probably thinking – how can one agent represent the interests of two parties in the same negotiation?   In the legal profession it would not be permitted, as it represents a clear conflict of interest. However, dual representation in football agency is permitted.  In the UK, the FA impose particular rules for agents acting for two parties in the same transaction. Agents are required to lodge represen